• As of April 2020, we will no longer be offering all star cheer teams and related programs.

  • School cheer prep classes will be available seasonally from approx. January through March.

  • Other cheer FUNdamentals and tech classes will be brought back in the future.

  • Thank you everyone that supported our cheer program over the last six plus years.

  • Additional information will be available soon..

Updated: 9/20/2020

Cheer FUNdamentals




1/Hr Week, 1/Day

12 Week Sessions

NO Competitions

End of Session Show

FREE T-Shirt!

FREE Cheer Bow!




Summer | Fall | Winter/Spring

Tech Classes





1/Hr Wk, 1/Day Wk

Monthly Commitment



School Tryout Prep

Starting at $--/Month

w/Multi Class Discounts

Classes may be seasonal.

  • Available from September thru April of each year.

  • We focus on:

    • Confidence

    • Conditioning

    • Flexibility

    • Jumps

    • Motions

    • Personality

    • Sideline Chants, Cheers, & Dances

    • Tryout Entrances / Exits

    • Voice Projection

  • After tryout material is learned by an athlete for their particular school, they will be able to perform it and be critiqued. Each schools tryout material cannot be taught in this class.

  • Tumbling is not taught, but corrections will be given on skills an athlete is able to perform by themselves. A tumbling class is highly encouraged to be taken by all cheerleaders.

  • No stunting is done in this class.

  • Any association TWA has with a school cheer program will not affect an athlete's ability to make or not make their team. It is up to the athlete to work hard and perform their best at tryouts.