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What are clinics?

Clinics are a great time to come in and work on specific skills or possibly work on something new. We will routinely have clinics for the following & more:

  • Cheer

    • Jumps

    • School Spirit

  • Dance

    • Leaps

    • Turns

  • Tumbling

    • Back Handsprings

    • Back Tucks

  • Flexibility

Does my athlete have to be a enrolled in classes at TWA to participate?

No of course not. Clinics are open to anyone and everyone ages 5 years and older.

Does my athlete have to have a certain skill level to participate?

  • Each athlete should have a basic understanding of the skill(s) they wish to work on.

  • The athlete should be proficient at skills preceding that which they are working on. Some exceptions may apply.

  • TWA staff may prevent an athlete from working on a skill if they feel they are not ready for it which could cause technique issues, mental roadblocks, and safety risks.

What does my athlete need to wear/bring to Clinics?

  • Wear form fitting clothing, preferably spandex type

  • Only CLEAN cheer shoes may be worn in the gym. Bare feet are also acceptable.

  • No jewelry of any kind should be worn in the gym. Cheer bows may be worn.

  • Hair should be pulled up in pony tail.

  • Please bring a water bottle and possibly a small nutritious snack. No candy or GUM.

  • Other specifics may apply depending on the type of clinic.

How much does it cost?

It may depend on the type clinic and length of time, but most two hour clinics are:

  • Non-Members: $20 (Anyone not currently enrolled in classes at BOLD)

  • Members: $15 (Anyone currently enrolled in at least one class at BOLD)