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Run, Jump, Leap, Spin, Flip --- Respect, Understanding, Responsibility

In this program, athletes will enhance their physical and mental abilities with conditioning and mobility exercises while learning to traverse physical obstacles and those of life in a controlled environment!


  • Starting at $75/Month for 1/Hr Week with Multi-Class Discounts Available.


Preschool Ages 3-4

In this preschool tumbling class, your little athlete will work on almost all the same skills as our 5+ beginner tumbling classes plus focus on improving their coordination and overall mobility by navigating various obstacles parkour style!

[1] Rookies

Ages 5-12

Establish foundational skills, improve strength, flexibility, coordination, and overall mobility.

[2] Intermediate

Ages 5-12

Continue to be challenged with more specific techniques and skills to overcome obstacles.

What is Parkour?

"Parkour is a training method designed to expand an individual’s vocabulary of movement, allowing a skilled practitioner to “flow” efficiently and creatively through any environment, “over, under, around or through” the obstacles in his or her path (“KNOW OBSTACLES, KNOW FREEDOM!”). Derived originally from the French martial art, “parcours du combattant” or “the path of the warrior”, modern parkour has grown beyond the goal of simply finding the most efficient path and now embraces elements of more creative movement as well (freerunning). Though there are distinctive moves that still serve as the foundation of parkour—the kong and other vaults, tic-tac, lache, cat, precision and wall run to name a few—practitioners will also borrow elements from other disciplines such as capoeira, martial arts tricking and acrobatics to add flair to their “runs”, defining their unique personal ”lines” from point a to point b."

-USA Parkour