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Recreational Class Tuition


Almost all classes are one hour per week. All of our classes include a dynamic warm up, include some conditioning, and a static stretch at the end! Stability, core strength, and range of motion are all essential in all sports! 

Clogging Classes


Tumbling Classes

Classes are strictly limited to six athletes per one coach. 4:1 currently due to COVID-19.


Parkour Classes


Multi-Class / Family Pricing

Whether you have one athlete taking two classes, two athletes taking one class each, or more, the following chart shows what the total monthly cost will be. Multi-class / family pricing is for athletes of the same household only.

How to read the chart below:

  1. Find the column for the total number of tumbling/parkour classes being taken.

  2. Find the row for the total number of dance classes being taken.

  3. The box where your column and row meet, is your monthly tuition total.

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​Additional Fees

Registration Fee

Due: At initial registration and annually on the first of your anniversary month along with tuition.

This fee is per family.


Late Fee

Due: Immediately

For monthly tuition not paid by the 1st.


Returned Check

Due: Immediately

Returned checks may also cause a late fee to be applied.


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​Other Services

Birthday Parties

Starting At:

Not Currently Available




Open Gym, Non-Members


Open Gym, Members


Parents' Night Out (PNO) - First Child

Not currently available.


Parents' Night Out (PNO) - Second Child

Of Same Household


Parents' Night Out (PNO) - Third Child or More

Of Same Household


Private Lessons


Solos, Duets, & Other Choreo.

Starting At: 


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