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  • As of January 2022, we will no longer be offering skateboarding classes to focus on our core tumbling classes.

  • We hope to see you at a skatepark though and will certainly give you some tips then!

Updated: 1/08/2022.


We are so excited to be starting skateboarding classes in September, 2021! With that said, skateboarding can be a very hard activity to start and progress in. It can be intimidating. You are 100% going to fall down. A lot. It takes time, hard work, blood, sweat, and probably some tears. You will fail over and over and over. You will have to pick yourself back up time and time again if you want to meet your goal... learn that trick. But when you do... you will feel so amazing and it will all be worth it. Love the process, enjoy the moments, and make lifelong friends. Welcome to skateboarding!

But wait... why do I need lessons? Can't you just figure it out and learn from YouTube videos? Of course you can, but like any activity or sport, having someone show/teach you in person and provide real time feedback on how to get better can speed up your progression and help avoid some unnecessary falls and potential injuries. Our classes will provide a more structured approach to learning skateboarding based on years of personal skateboarding and coaching experience.

Can girls skateboard? Skateboarding is as much for girls as it is for boys. We expect and look forward to teaching as many girls as there may be boys. Our own daughter, who is five, has been shredding since she got her first board on Christmas (2020).

What about adults? Of course you can. Coach Adam more less took about 15 years off until fairly recent and he is currently teaching Coach Kitty. Doing activities along with your kiddos can be very fun and rewarding.


[1] Beginner Basics

Ages 5+

Get comfortable on and off your board and don't worry about a bunch of tricks just yet.

Taught In This Class

Picking up your board

Proper stance / foot placements

Getting on & off your board


Turning by leaning

Turning by pivoting



Cave Mans


[2] Beginner Tricks

Ages 5+

Now that you are comfortable on your board and have some basics down, we can start learning more tricks.

Taught In This Class

The Ollie


Pop Shuvits


Nose Manuals

No Comply

Riding Switch, Fakie, & Nollie

50-50 Grind



[3] Inter. Tricks

Ages 5+

So have your basics down and you're ready to learn flips tricks are you?

Taught In This Class



Varial Kickflip

5-0 Grind

Crooked Grind



[4] Advanced Tricks

Ages 5+

This class will be combined with [3] to start and is for those ready to be further challenged.

Taught In This Class

360 Flip / Treflip

Varial Heelflip (FS)


180 Kickflips

180 Heelflips

Lip Slides



  • ​​Starting at $55/Month for 1/Hr Week with Multi-Class Discounts Available.

  • Classes will be held Friday evenings at our house in Columbia Lakes (WC) for the time being. Address will be sent out upon registration.

  • Rainouts will be rescheduled for the next day (Saturday) when possible. If Saturday weather looks bad also, we may have class inside our facility in West Columbia on Friday evening.

  • Private lessons are available also! Coach Adam can come to your driveway / location or you can come to us!

Gear Needed
  • A skateboard of course.

    • A board from a big box store can work to start out, but there is a big difference between a $30/$40 setup and one that costs $130+. We highly recommend a quality setup. For a beginner, this can last a long time if taken care of and can be worth the investment.

    • Skateboard size does make a difference. Check out our sizing guide below.

    • When possible, always buy from a smaller mom & pop skate shop instead of a larger online retailer or chain store!

  • Helmets are required for everyone cause busting your head doesn't make you cool.

  • Appropriate shoes for skating. No sandals, crocs, etc.

  • Pads are optional, but a six piece set (knees, elbows, wrists) is recommended or at least wrist guards until you have the correct technique for falling down.

  • Sunscreen for earlier classes until daylight savings time ends November 7th. Apply before arriving so you don't just sweat it off.

  • A good size jug of ice water. 

  • Clothes that you will be comfortable in and allow you to move freely. 

  • No headphones.

Skateboard Size Guide

​There is no perfect formula and people have different opinions about what size is best. This is simply our recommendation. Feel free to contact us if you would like assistance in selecting your equipment.

Deck Width
Shoe Size
=/< 1
=/< 3'4"